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- Corporate Social Responsibility

Agriasha believes that the Corporate World including FMCG Brands have a onerous responsibility on the part of the community to nurture and harness the Biodiversity and preserve the Ecosystem.
We play a vital role in establishing social integration between the Corporate and the Society by conducting periodic road shows, annual events and year long programs. The areas   of our CSR facilitation are;
Primary  Health Care  &  Education
Water Purification & Supply , Sanitation
Tree Plantation in Agrarian space
Eatable Plantation Program
Skill Development and Fair Trade
Creation of  Localized/ region  brand  from Zero Km Produce
Renewable Energy Stations
Wetland  Preservation,  Forest Conservation  & Green Links

People –Prosper – Planet
Agriasha   solicits   Corporate  membership   under the  “People Prosper  Planet ” –   where   business  houses develop  the right  approach to  promote   integration of biodiversity considerations into business practices   in an  established forum for sustained and strategic dialogue about the links between business and biodiversity.  All  supporting Companies receive  the digital Icon on validation with  certificate.

- Responsible Procurement Protocol

The Foundation collaborates with large Food Manufacturers/ Brands for sustainable procurement protocols of  harvest such as vegetables, fruits, poultry, fishery, spices and other produce   from growers/ cooperatives  and bodies in the most effective manner under  responsible sourcing policy.
We adopt unique evaluation criteria for differentiation of Produce Quality of each region to authenticate and  follow the secured protocol  from hygiene, sanitary to technical aspects. We promote the integration of biodiversity criteria in labels, standards and agri-food certifications, to improve the performance of companies and farmers and the information that consumers receive.

We work creating alliances, promoting innovation to make conservation and development compatible

Sustainability must be understood as a shared responsibility, and the conservation of our natural values ​​goes through finding benefits for the different interest groups that coexist in the territory Please  connect  with  our  Management Trustee  for further elaboration  on the   schemes  available  to facilitate  this  activity. Email  :  [email protected]

- Bilateral Social Projects

We undertake projects in consortium with entities of  European Commission through various instruments as well as  initiatives, to achieve  the United National Sustainable Development Goals.
Our commitment to sustainable development also includes areas that share the same environmental problems, aggravated by diverse socio-political situations as in Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and other countries in SAARC
In many projects, we work in alliance with other NGOs,  Clubs & Communities to strengthen the social fabric and for consistent  management on local level.
Our priority lines of action are:
Local economic development
Climate Change
Sustainable tourism
Conservation and sustainable management of ecosystems
AI Data Challenge Programs related with Global Agricultural issues and resolution

- Biodiversity Action Program

The intensification of agriculture and the exploitation of agricultural land have made this activity one of the main causes of loss of biodiversity.   However, biodiversity on a farm can be improved through good agricultural practices, with ecological infrastructures and soil and water management being of particular importance.

Recovering organic matter from the soil is key and for this we implant green covers, we evaluate how and when to carry out an adequate fertilization, and we promote traditional practices such as fallow or rotation with legumes.   

Maintaining water points, restoring hedges or groves, and creating strips of natural vegetation that attract pollinators are some of the measures that offer tangible results for biodiversity at the foot of the field.

The Objective is  also  development of the crop according to agronomic criteria that are considered fundamental within the usual rotations of irrigated crops in CyL. For this, dissemination actions will be carried out to publicize the cultivation and trials carried out in the project, as well as training actions for technicians from cooperatives and processing companies. In addition, there will be:

  • Essays of evaluation of the existing qualities in CyL, with monitoring of varieties, sowing dose, bottom fertilizer, cover and final quality in harvest evaluating parameters such as production, specific weight, vitrosity, protein and color.
  • Evaluation of the crop cycle and incidence on pests and tolerance to diseases.
  • Evaluation of qualities obtained under different ranges of humidity, soil science, rainfall and altitude. Determination of optimal harvest parameters.
  • Economic evaluation of the culture in CyL. Carrying out an adapted cultivation protocol.
  • Planting planning to obtain desired output
  • Trials with varieties in  micro plots,  identification work of the quantity and type of protein in the different varieties , that allow to produce high quality produce.  Including study of the protein profile, vitrosity, quality, 
  • A study of vulnerability to climate change on cultivation and  sustainable measures of adaptation to climate change will be proposed to increase the resilience of this crop in the expected climate change scenarios. With all the results obtained, an online guide will be published and results presentation days will be organized

- Climate Change Adaption Program

The agricultural sector  is the second emitter of greenhouse gases within the diffuse sectors  but it can also act as a carbon sink.

This initiative aims to demonstrate how various measures can favor the adaptation to climate change of livestock farms, herbaceous crops and permanent crops. The possible environmental benefits of such measures are also discussed. The entities participating in the project work closely with farmers and ranchers, administrations, associations, schools of agricultural engineering and private entities, in order to develop transferable results.

This  project is currently  on  conception  and research  stage  and  would be  implemented upon  availability  of   successful viability  report  together with the consensus of   sponsors for implementation in the  main Climate Risk Regions of   India.

- Knowledge Databank

Agriasha  News   is  a  Daily Digital Newspaper  publishing  International  and  National  News and  Articles  on  AGRI-SECTOR ;  that  includes Organic/ Ecological Food, FMCG Food, Livestock  and  related  Science, Research & Development  in the field of  Biotech,  Machinery & Tools, Farm Management/ Cooperatives,  Govt Policies,  Ecosystem and Biodiversity – disseminated   to   Consumers, Growers,  Brands,  Corporate   and  Authorities,  totally free for reading.

Agriasha   disseminates    and    support the spread of best practices, both among the  growers  and  links of the chain  that allow sustainable development  

We  have  a  dozen  fully  trained journalists   working  24×7   curating  the news  and   soliciting  articles  from  peers.   Every week,   we break   international   and  national   Agri  stories   followed up  by  close  interaction  with  partner  institutions.   An in-depth resource on  both news and features  for   the Indian Agri Sector today,   updated with  thousands of articles  on   Food Product Review,  Farming Best Practice, Consumer Health, Farm2Fork Brands    and other subject matter of    interest   periodically.

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India ranks second worldwide in farm outputs includes agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and fisheries  and employs more than 50℅ of the Indian work force contributing 18% to country’s GDP.   Agriculture is demographically the broadest economic sector and plays a significant role in the overall socio-economic fabric of India.   Indian agriculture is plagued by several problems; some of them are natural  &  some others are manmade !   

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