Agriasha Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated for development of sustainable agro-systems and ecological protection of nature.

Our Vision

A world where sustainable agriculture is the foundation of thriving and resilient rural landscapes and livelihoods. To make it happen, we will  work directly with farmers, companies, donors and other organizations to accelerate and deepen the positive impact we can make as partners on a journey of change.

Our Transperancy

The value of transparency is essential in order to count our work, revalidate the trust of society and continue expanding our action and network. For this reason, we do not cease in our efforts to create resources to give visibility to our activity and be increasingly accessible.

We audit our accounts annually and maintain digital library of our research / reports which are publicly viewable.

Our Values

The conservation of the environment should be the ethical attitude of all human being and therefore, we believe;

- Environmental education as a key element in conservation action, for the recognition of values ​​and  the promotion of   ethics  that allow the human being, his culture and the biophysical environment to be united  for future generation.

- Show consistent  actions towards  environment,   which are indicators of the values                        

- Protection of ecosystems and the most fragile species, which require special environmental concern.

Similarly,  our commitment  towards society  underlines  below areas ;

- Respect for human dignity and defense of human rights.

- Attention to disadvantaged groups, disability and gender equality.

- Transparency in the use of resources and efficiency   

- Solidarity between the the beneficiaries of the Foundation, with co-responsibility, teamwork, integration.

Innovation, Research   and Training  on  new sources of knowledge and practices

Our Mission


The  Foundation’s   primary purpose  is  for   development, conservation, management  of  sustainable agro systems  along with  defense of   our  environment  and for   achievement  of  this,  the following objectives  were   laid down ;


  • Implementation of Action through Projects

Overall   development   of agro –trade   and  promoting   sustainable use of resources,  conservation and restoration of species and habitats, as well as other activities whose purpose is the conservation of natural, cultural and landscape values.

The protection and promotion of sustainable agricultural and livestock systems, with special attention to indigenous breeds and varieties, agricultural and livestock genetic diversity, as well as the promotion of agriculture that is respectful of biodiversity, including marketing formulas that respect the environment and that provide added value to committed producers.


  • Establish Collaborative Agreements with  Public & Companies

For  prediction and analysis of the effect of their activity on natural resources and other projects – we shall  establish technical, legal, documentary and economic collaboration for individuals, associations,  entities and organizations interested in protecting the environment as  a shared  value.


  • Environmental Education &  Volunteering

By raising awareness and training in sustainable development, creating, editing, co-publishing  and distributing  contents   in any medium and format  and managing Biodiversity Information Centers and Nature Classrooms, Courses, Conferences, Seminars, Cultural trips, Exhibitions, Congresses, Contests  and  recognition of   stakeholders  by  issuance of   Due Diligence Certifications  and  distribution of  Awards.

Also  sign Educational Cooperation Agreements with Universities for External Academic Practices, with companies for the so-called Corporate Environmental Volunteer and through actions to improve the natural environment with civil society.


  • Applied Scientific Research  &  Technological  Development

Use  of  innovative socio-economic models, developing projects for the defense of the natural environment and biodiversity, the sustainable use of natural resources, the prevention of pollution, mitigation and adaptation.


  • Conservation & Protection of  Rural- Urban Landscape 

Promotion of land custody models related to conservation and similar facilities that promote the defense of the natural environment, by signing territory custody agreements.   Conservation of  water resources and aquatic  ecosystems.

  • Fight against climate change, both in terms of mitigation and adaptation.


  • International Cooperation

Participation  in Meets, Congresses  for securing   global approach and  transfer of new technologies for sustainable development.

Agriasha Foundation is dedicated for development of sustainable agro-systems and ecological protection of nature.

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What We Do

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Our Team

It allows you to gather monthly subscriptions from fans to help fund your creative projects. They also encourage their users to offer rewards to fans as a way to repay them for their support.

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